Teresa Cloud is the cloud-based and AI-powered ultrasound reporting & image management solution.

Teresa Cloud is made to help physicians and sonographers work more productively with the aid of AI and machine learning-based solutions.

Teresa Cloud is designed with practical features and
an easy-to-use interface for providers like you.

Zero foot-print

Physicians and sonographers can access an ultrasound PACS that is entirely cloud-based with any device, whenever they want, from anywhere.

Scalable imaging solution

To enable you to expand as your patient populations expand without having to buy new servers or replace hardware.

AI-powered reporting

Ultrasound reporting that is prefilled and automatically filled using supervised machine learning algorithms.

Efficient workflow orchestration

Redesign the entire ultrasound study process, from patient reception to billing, to ensure the fastest and most fruitful procedure.

Cost effective solution

By providing a wide range of pricing options based on clinical needs, to lower the cost of ownership of software and data administration.


Through standard-based compatibility between ultrasound devices and hospital information systems, w-Teresa integrated care solutions reduce complexity and expense while increasing efficiency.


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