w-Teresa is AI-powered ultrasound reporting & image management solution running in the Cloud

w-Teresa is designed to enable physicians and tecchnitions to experience optimized workflow on technologies backed by AI and machine learning.

w-Teresa is built for providers like you.
With useful features and an intuitive interface.

Zero foot-print

To connect advanced diagnostic tools and help healthcare providers improve diagnostic speed and confidence.

Scalable imaging solution

To allow you to grow as your patient populations grow without the need to upgrade hardware or invest in servers.

AI-powered reporting

Auto populated and prefilled ultrasound reporting on supervised learning machine learning algorithms

Efficient workflow orchestration

To redefine the entire process of ultrasound study from a patient reception to billing for the most efficient and productive procedure.

Cost effective solution

To reduce the cost of ownership of software and data management by offering wide range of pricing options based on clinical needs.


w-Teresa integrated care solutions provide standard-based interoperability between ultrasound devices and hospital information systems, reducing complexity and cost by boosting efficiency.


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